Checklist before each publishing

You have finished your changes? But hove you considered all pieces? To avoid small mistakes, we have compiled this checklist for you before each publication.

  • Are your texts awarded the right formats? So, for example, have you labeled a heading as such?

  • Do you have extra spaces in your texts? They do not need you! Our design generates breaks where you need them.

  • Do you have (especially in headlines) very long words that may need to be separated on mobile devices? Learn how to deal with long words here.

  • Did you use the required »mailto:« for e-mail links and did not use any spaces? For example, »mailto:«?
  • Did you use the required »tel:« with telephone links and used the telephone number including area code? For example, »tel:+43123456789«?
  • Did you check your links for functionality?
Media files
  • Did you assign an alternative text to all content elements with media in the field "Alternative Text"?